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Inside the KFNX Studio

Our guests from the last show! They were AMAZING!
See that dashing brown-haired boy in the yellow shirt with the glasses? He looks SO familiar!
There he is again! And... What are Mark and Dana doing?
Our two mentors, Bob and Cathy. Great people, what would we do without them?
Bob's dentist... What a guy!
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One Year Ago

  One year ago, we were a brand-new show. No one took us seriously, and KFNX thought of us as a joke.
  One year ago, we didn't have any public speaking records, we had covered nothing in the media world, and we didn't know where we were going.

  One year later, we have people in Washington rooting for us, helping us get where we want to go.
  One year later, we have connections with Tina Malia, Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman), the state of Arizona, and more.

  Tomorrow is the day when The Young Reporters turns 1. A full year of adventure, interviews, friendships and growth.
  This is a very memorable day in our history. Hopefully, we'll have something important to celebrate it with.
  We're going to have some fantastic guests tomorrow. Really amazing people, who change the lives we live with the snap of their fingers.
  You won't know what hit you.

  We may be doing a live Stickam recording, though that's still up for discussion. We don't know if it'll be possible, but I'll give you the details later if we are.

  Please tune in for this show. I'm not all that positive when it airs, but it'll be (hopefully) the best one yet.
  Kail Pooler
  The Young Reporters PR
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Recording Studio

  Yesterday, we went down to the studio for another recording.
  Unfortunately, we didn't have Kyle or Makayla accompany us, so it was mainly Dana and I.

  Thankfully, however, there's a new student, Samantha, who helped me out quite a bit. I wasn't feeling all that great around the end, and Samantha helped me out and took the lead. I'm extremely proud of her, being so new in the program and being able to help me like that.

  I didn't perform at my average performance level, I will admit. They said I did good, but when I was sitting in the seat, I felt like I was pathetic. If I didn't have Samantha to save me, and she saved me multiple times, I don't know what I would have done.

  We met some really interesting people yesterday. One person was Cinda Firestone, the person who wrote the biography for Attica. It was a wildly successful Broadway play, based on a true story. It was made in 1971.

  Another woman worked for a child-based magazine, where kids do all of the writing, and kids get reported on. It's called In The Zona. Hopefully, I'll be able to write for them in the near future.

  One man we had was named Tom Keegan, who was a director and producer for multiple movies.

  Overall, it was a successful recording. And while I could have done better, it is what it is.

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Dana Bell on Cox Communications!

  Dana is one of the greatest actresses I know, and I'd like to start off with that.
  Recently, I set up a TV recording with Dana and an explorer at the local First Friday Event. Cox Communications set up the recording at the SciTech area, placed in the Eye Lounge.
  The point of the SciTech Festival was to combine science and art, and bizarrely enough, they combined it by making a statue of insects in their most.... natural pose.... yeah....
  Dana covered part of that, and also covered a machine that was meant to take picture of the desert.

  You can see Dana on Cox Channel 7, starting sometime in April. I'll let you all know more as soon as we get more information on it!

  --Kail Pooler
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Dana Bell with First Friday, Event Covered by TYR

  First Friday is an event that is meant to celebrate mainly science, but this year they've taken it to a new ideal and not only aimed it at a younger generation, but are to be taking both artists and scientists to discuss the art of science, and the science of art.
  This year, one of our very own, Dana Bell, will be acting as the hostess to the event. She will be doing the majority of the interviews, and will be working closely with a connection to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

  Dana will be broadcasted throughout the local Cox Communications channels, and possibly through their website. We expect over 2,000 people to arrive.

  --Kail Pooler
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Another Step

  On Friday, January 20th, 5 new connections were made. These connections all take us in different directions, but overall guide us to our overall goal.
  You have no idea how close we are. Nobody seems to understand except for us. But soon we'll be well-known, and we'll be able to do and get whatever and whoever we want.
  The world isn't ready, but we're taking over anyways!

  --Kail Pooler
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Connections Have Been Made

  I have been reluctant to tell those who read this blog anything about our recent breakthrough, and while I won't be giving the whole story away, I'm planning on shining a light to you.
  First of all, The Young Reporters are in touch with the Department of Labor.
  Secondly, the Office of Public Engagement have been working closely with us.

  We have an idea of where we want to be, and what our overall goal is. We want to have the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama, on our show.

  This may seem far-fetched. It may even seem impossible. But people told us it was impossible to create a radio show on a well-respected radio station with no funds and no radio experience. They told us it was impossible to train high school kids and have them earn media badges.
  And that all happened! In my opinion, this project could very well happen. It's more realistic than a lot of our previous objectives.

  Expect to hear about The Young Reporters soon.

  --Kail Pooler

Possible Interview With Sports Stars, Anchor Women, Etc.

  On January 28th, The Young Reporters will be going to an event where we will be interviewing famous people, sports stars, and a multi-Emmy winning anchor woman from Channel 5.
  The interviews will be posted here, for anybody to see.

  --Kail Pooler

Appearance With Cox Communication on Feb. 3rd

  On February 3rd, The Young Reporters will be teaming up with Cox Communications for the First Friday!
  We will be working closely with Jeremy Babendure, Greg Esser, David Bradley, Lisa Taylor, Brent Seymore, among others.

  If you would like to know more about this project, you can email the author here:

  --Kail Pooler