Friday, January 20, 2012

Connections Have Been Made

  I have been reluctant to tell those who read this blog anything about our recent breakthrough, and while I won't be giving the whole story away, I'm planning on shining a light to you.
  First of all, The Young Reporters are in touch with the Department of Labor.
  Secondly, the Office of Public Engagement have been working closely with us.

  We have an idea of where we want to be, and what our overall goal is. We want to have the most powerful man in the world, Barack Obama, on our show.

  This may seem far-fetched. It may even seem impossible. But people told us it was impossible to create a radio show on a well-respected radio station with no funds and no radio experience. They told us it was impossible to train high school kids and have them earn media badges.
  And that all happened! In my opinion, this project could very well happen. It's more realistic than a lot of our previous objectives.

  Expect to hear about The Young Reporters soon.

  --Kail Pooler


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