Monday, March 5, 2012 0 comments

One Year Ago

  One year ago, we were a brand-new show. No one took us seriously, and KFNX thought of us as a joke.
  One year ago, we didn't have any public speaking records, we had covered nothing in the media world, and we didn't know where we were going.

  One year later, we have people in Washington rooting for us, helping us get where we want to go.
  One year later, we have connections with Tina Malia, Lindsay Wagner (the Bionic Woman), the state of Arizona, and more.

  Tomorrow is the day when The Young Reporters turns 1. A full year of adventure, interviews, friendships and growth.
  This is a very memorable day in our history. Hopefully, we'll have something important to celebrate it with.
  We're going to have some fantastic guests tomorrow. Really amazing people, who change the lives we live with the snap of their fingers.
  You won't know what hit you.

  We may be doing a live Stickam recording, though that's still up for discussion. We don't know if it'll be possible, but I'll give you the details later if we are.

  Please tune in for this show. I'm not all that positive when it airs, but it'll be (hopefully) the best one yet.
  Kail Pooler
  The Young Reporters PR