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The Young Reporters Open for Counseling

  The Young Reporters are trained intensely in the communication field. They all have a way with words, and if they don't have that, they have a way with action. We are available to be booked for companies, schools, and anything else that has a corrupted base between the students, co-workers, or anything else (that's NOT machinery).

  We don't ask for money. We don't ask for anything. The service itself is free, but if we're traveling out of the state of Arizona, if we're going even out of the country, then we must have travel and rooms paid for. We will gladly talk to any kids, one-on-one, if they live in Phoenix, but we can't make promises, we all have schedules, just like you :)

  Communications is our passion. We're good at it, we know how to communicate in a proper and improper way. A lot of kids these days don't use proper communication, and we want to be able to use that and build a friendship with classmates, be able to take two people who can't stand each other and try to make peace.

  We're great at getting people to listen. We're even better at getting people's attention. We're best at doing a whoop-ass show. But this isn't about a show, it's not a performance. What you, your classmates, your students, your co-workers, what they're going through is NOT a game. We want to bring that to their awareness, and we want to be able to create a safe place where they can work and not have to worry about anything.

  And it's not just kids that get this bullying! Adults do it and get it, to each other and themselves. It's a serious matter, something that can't go on for a long time or it goes from a small problem to a completely corrupted system.

  So, as stated before, we're open to come down to any state, and if possible, any country to help solve problems in a company! The service is 100% free, it's just that the travel plan and the hotel rooms are not. And we don't have to even stay in a hotel, we can stay in a motel, we can stay in a cheap hotel, we can stay anywhere within a 10-mile-radius of the location. But we don't get any profit, we don't take any money for the service, unless a sponsorship is made.

  For booking, call 602-475-2859, and a Young Reporter will handle you from there.