Monday, November 7, 2011 0 comments

Tina Malia on The Young Reporters

  So, if you haven't been reading a few of my past posts, I've been working really hard for the past month on getting one of Mr. Fishman's favorite singers on The Young Reporters; Tina Malia.
  Tina Malia is an extremely talented artist, and wants nothing but good for the world and those who live in it.
  I've been chatting back and forth through my email with her manager, and after a month and a half of work, it's finally coming together!
  Sometime today, anywhere between 12 and 5 (we don't know where they're at, so even though they're calling at 3, it could change), Glenda Gracia (the General Manager) should call up Mr. Fishman, the man who does all of the hard work of the radio station for us, who I commonly refer to as my producer.
  Tina does our theme song for the radio show, Heal This Land.

  Tina is an amazing singer, and a true role model for anybody who needs one. I love the music that she does, and I have all the lyrics memorized for Heal This Land.

  --Kail Pooler